Changed real combat animations for Patti and Daisy

Real combat animations for Patti and Daisy have been changed.

Thief Female (Patti)
Thief Female (Daisy)
Thief Female (Lara) (reference)

In this hack, depending on the situation, the three thief girls would join at the same time in Chapter 4, but when we saw the real combat animation, all three of them were dressed the same, so they lacked an interesting look. I think this change made each of them look better with their own individuality.

Master Thief Female (Patti)

Patti also changed the Master Thief graphics. It is porting and using graphics from FE4.


I used the images of Thief Female (Patti) and Thief Female (Modified) from the patches and materials collection for FE4. Thank you very much.