Readme about FE5 New Theory of Thracia 776


This patch is a romhack aimed at providing new play to players who are accustomed to trial-and-error gameplay in vanilla FE5, by modifying the system and scenario.

The gist of the scenario is an if story that starts with what if Ishtore is in Munster. The last boss is Blume. This is for Leif, who wanted to defeat King Blume with his own hands if possible. (That doesn’t guarantee that Leif will charge and win him.)

There is also the implementation of events that were lost in the original work. The total amount of text is more than double that of the original (including branching events, etc.). I also started getting weird results when I did weird things that I wouldn’t normally do. Depending on the result of your actions, you may be able to recruit people who are not usually your companions.

Download link

Please refer to FE Uploader 4. And search with file names starting with “fe5x”. Since the difference is provided in the ips patch format, the original ROM is required to play.

Precautions for use

About what to patch

  • Please apply it to a file with a ROM version header (size: 4,194,816 bytes, CRC32: 95E289DD). The NP version does not work properly because the internal configuration is different.
  • The ROM version refers to the ROM cassette version released in 2000. In the game, it can be distinguished by the year notation on the title screen being “1996, 1999, 2000”.
  • The NP version refers to the one written to the SF memory cassette. This includes the pre-light version released in 1999. In the game, it can be distinguished by the year number notation on the title screen being “1996, 1999”.
  • For headerless ROM files, prefix the file with +200h (512 bytes). The content can be filled with 00. This is sufficient because the ips patch does not validate the target file and overwrites bytes in the file at fixed positions. After applying the patch, removing the 512 bytes you added will allow you to have no headers again.
  • Avoid using it with other patches, and apply it to an unmodified ROM. There are many places where the internal layout has changed, so there is a possibility of unexpected behavior.

Recommended environment

Since the ROM is extended, it will not work unless the emulator supports ExLoROM. Operation has been confirmed with the following emulators.

  • Snes9X v1.57 for Windows
  • snesgtx (SNESGT ver0.230 beta 7 + SNESGT ExLoROM support patch)

The following emulator can be started, but is not recommended due to unstable operation.

  • Snes9x EX+ (Android)

Major changes


  • It’s an “if” story starting from the point that if it were Ishtore in Manster.
  • Along with the change in the story, some of the units that join will also change.
  • There is also the implementation of events that were lost in the original work. A large portion of the conversations that had been buried unused in the rom were incorporated as events that could actually be viewed.
  • The total amount of text is about twice that of the original (including branching events, etc.). However, since I make text diffs according to the situation, you can’t see all the text in one playthrough.
  • I started getting weird results when you did weird things that you wouldn’t normally do. Depending on the content of the action, you can also recruit people who are not usually allies (alternative units).
  • For additional events in each chapter, you can refer to each chapter from the list of strategy guide articles. Please be careful when browsing as there are many articles that contain spoilers in the link destinations of the list.
  • Since settings such as reincarnation in another world and summoning are not included, people unrelated to the Jugdral continent do not appear.

System overview

About Elite (Paragon) Mode

Changed how to enter Elite Mode. For details, please refer to How to enter each game mode and difficulty level.

About difficulty

It’s adjusted based on normal/classic, but it’s possible to clear even in hard/classic within the range of normal play. I do not assume that you will have to redo the game until you get a hit with the state save.

For more information, please refer to About the game balance, How to Enter Each Game Mode, and Difficulty Levels.

About the unit

About enemy invincibility (death avoidance) settings

  • Due to the circumstances of the scenario, it is unhealthy for the game to have units that cannot be defeated due to mask data, so I have eliminated them as much as possible. Instead, I have added events when defeating.
  • This applies to Olwen and Fred (Chapter 10), Amalda (Chapter 15), Blume and Ishtar (Chapter 19), Bharat (Chapter 20), etc.
  • Some enemies, such as Eliu (Chapter 1), Blume and Ishtar (Chapter 19), will be treated as retreats even if defeated.
  • Allies (Eyvel up to chapter 5, Tanya in chapter 8, etc.) will have situations where you can’t do anything if you cancel invincibility, so the basics are as they are.
  • Amalda (Chapter 15) is an ally but dies.

About items

  • Some items have been discontinued and new items have been implemented instead.
  • The might and weight of each weapon were increased overall.
  • Unit’s Attack Power has been changed to a value that adds [Strength/2] or [Magic Power/2] to Weapon’s Might. Weapon’s Might became a more important factor.
  • Changed weight offsetting from Build to [Strength/2].
  • It is now possible to offset the weight of tomes.
  • The overall number of times the staff can be used has been reduced.
  • Heal, Mend, Recover, and Restore have been changed so that they can be used on allied NPCs. Physic and Fortify are not applicable.
  • Unable to use staff when in “Tired 2” state (fatigue >= current HP x 2) (ally only).
  • Stats booster sales have been discontinued.
  • Scrolls of Crusaders concentrated all negative corrections into HP.
  • Added non-exchangeable items (can be moved in Preparation).
  • Changed the specification of broken weapons, all unequippable, and the selling price is 1G.
  • Weapon type “Arch” (ballista) is newly established, separated from the bow.

About skills

Some skills have been abolished and new skills have been implemented instead. There are also composite skills (such as an ambush with a short-range counterattack effect). Please refer to the skill list for details.

About the map

  • Depending on the chapter, there are places where the terrain has changed, but there are no major changes because it is a policy to make use of the original.
  • Except for Side story maps where the number of players is limited in the story, all members can sortie.
  • You don’t necessarily need to raise all of them just because you can send them all out on a sortie. However, some maps where there is no escape in the storyline have a very large minimum number of sorties, so it will be easier if you raise them all.
  • More arenas have been added.
  • More secret shops have been added.

Other detailed specifications

For bug reports, etc.

Please refer to the link for known bugs and issues.

If there are bugs other than known defects, please contact on Twitter, or Topic in FEU.

Also, if you know how to fix a known bug, it would be greatly appreciated if you could provide that information. Known bugs are mostly neglected due to lack of technical skills, and cooperation is always welcome.


This patch uses many patch programs for FE5 created by others. thank you. Please see the credit title for the patch program for FE5 used.

I would also like to thank once again the following individuals.

  • Everyone in the FE binary thread: Your input, test play and bug reports have been very helpful.
  • Mr. flair2200: He had a test play on a live YouTube broadcast. In addition to bug extraction, it was very helpful to hear the raw impressions when playing.
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