Changed weapon level growth rate to change dynamically

I changed weapon level growth rate to change dynamically.

The calculation formula is (Fixed value 30 + Unit’s Skill / 2 + Correction value by current weapon level + Weapon weight x 2)%, and lower limit 75%.

About correction value by current weapon level

The correction based on the current weapon level is calculated as “(250 – weapon experience value before battle) / 3”. For example, at weapon level E, 66 to 83 are added, exceeding 100%. This means that you may gain 2 weapon experience points just by swinging the weapon once.

This is a pseudo-reproduction of the system in FE7 and later, where the lower the weapon level, the easier it is to raise. In FE5, the weapon level rises every 50 weapon experience points, so the E and D periods are long, and there was a problem that it was difficult to develop other weapon types other than the main one. This is modification to solve it.

The growth rate begins to cut below 100% around weapon level C (100 accumulated weapon experience points), and whether or not the weapon experience points increase even if you swing the weapon once is a matter of luck. In short, it’s like the skill increase rate of Berwick Saga. However, Adele in BS’s spear skill growth rate is only 30%, so it’s not as bad as him.

As a sense of experience, I thought that the limit that people could tolerate being judged on probability would be roughly 70%, so I set the lower limit at 75%.

Why decide to use Skill values

Vanilla FE5 also has individual weapon level growth rates and processing with them, and there are traces that it was trying to do something like the later Berwick Saga. (Since the weapon level growth rate of all allies is set to 100%, it was practically not functioning.)

I wanted to differentiate growth rates for different units, but it is not appropriate to use masked data for growth rates as well, for something that does not have numerical growth progress viewer. So, instead, I used skill values, which I think fits well since skill and weapon level are good friends in FE.

By the way, in Vanilla FE5’s stave weapon experience value addition process, the weapon level growth rate was not used. This has been corrected and changed so that the growth rate judgment is performed as many times as the conventional addition value.

Why decide to use Weapon Weight

In some works, using a steel sword makes it easier to raise the weapon level, so I followed that. Basically, the more powerful the weapon, the heavier it is, so the design is such that it is easier to raise the weapon level by switching to a more powerful weapon each time the weapon level is raised.